Categorizing transactions

Categorizing a transaction


  1. Navigate to the Accounting tab in the left-side menu.
  2. Select the transaction you wish to categorize from the list shown in the Transactions tab. Choose the Categorize transaction option from the right-side menu.

  3. Select a category from the Category dropdown menu. Enter the dollar amount of the transaction to be applied to that category. You may add another category to the transaction only if the entire dollar amount has not been applied to the first category.
    Please note that debits to your account will bring up a list of Expense categories. Likewise, credits to your account will bring up a list of Income categories.
    Note: if a transaction needs to be categorized to offset a previous debit or credit (e.g. a refund credit issued for a prior expense), please contact the Customer Care team for assistance! 

  4. Click Save to complete your categorization.