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What is a 14-day rolling ACH payment processing limit?

If you are able to process bank transfer payments from your customers (also know as ACH/eCheck payments), then you most likely have a 14-day rolling ACH limit. 

The 14-day rolling limit is a processing limit that applies to ANY 14-day period. Any dollar amount you attempt to process over the 14-day limit during that period will not be processed.

Your 14-day rolling limit should be provided to you via email at the time you are approved to process payments through Autobooks.  The information in your payment processing notification email may have looked something similar to this:

Here's what you should keep in mind:

The 14-day rolling limit only applies to the bank transfer (ACH/eCheck) payments that you process.

To know if you are approaching your ACH processing limit, you can check the Payments section. Look for any payments processed through ACH or eCheck for the given 14 day period. 

Tip: if you process payments through both our Invoicing tool as well as the Payment Form, you'll want to check both Payments lists for your total ACH payments processed.

    You may export your Payment list to an Excel file to more easily sort and total your ACH payments. Click Export to download a file of your payments.

    You will need to sort the data to show the eCheck payments within the last 14 days.  Be sure to total them to see if you are nearing your 14-day rolling ACH limit.