Edit your customer's contact record

The Customers tab is where you can see a list of all of the customers that have been added into your Autobooks account. From this page, you can:

  • Edit the information for a given customer
  • Review the payments and invoices associated with a given customer

How to Manage and Organize your Customer List


Click on the Customers tab. Click on a specific customer to bring up the Customer options side menu.

Click Customer in the side menu to bring up the Edit customer page.



  • From this page, you can edit this customer's information as needed
    • Please note that a red asterisk* denotes a required field
  • Click the [Save] button to commit any updates on this page 
  • Click the Archive customer option to archive this customer within your business' Autobooks account


  • Clicking on the Invoice balance details option from the Customer options side menu will bring up a list of payments and invoices associated with this particular customer
    • On this page, you can switch customer by clicking the Customers drop-down menu
    • You can also select a specific Date range to view
    • Finally, you can also click the [Export] button to export this report as a CSV file