Setting up other Tap to Pay on iPhone users for your business

Now that you've enrolled in Tap to Pay on iPhone, you may have employees that need to take payments too.

There are two ways for you to grant your employees access to Tap to Pay on iPhone technology. Which path you choose will depend on if you want your employees to log in to your online bank account, or if you'd prefer they did not have access to your business banking information overall.

To add a Sub-User with access to Tap to Pay through Online Banking

Autobooks technology inherits permissions from your financial institution...meaning, any additional users you have accessing your account within online banking will also have access to Autobooks technology (Invoicing, Payment Link, and Tap to Pay) once they are established as a sub-user for your online bank account.

  1. Add your employee as a sub-user for your online bank account through your financial institution. Once this is completed, your employee will gain access to Autobooks tools within online banking.
  2. Your employee should click on our Invoicing or Payment Link tool (also may be labeled as Send an Invoice and Accept a Payment) to establish their access to Autobooks.
    NOTE: Accessing Tap to Pay before accessing one of the other payment tools will produce an error message. First contact should always be established through Invoicing or Payment Link.
  3. We will ask the user for their name and email address to finalize the creation of their user record. Once the employee submits this information, they will have access to all Autobooks tools including Tap to Pay on iPhone.

To add a Sub-User with access to Tap to Pay through the Autobooks Tap to Pay on iPhone app

You may have employees that need access to Tap to Pay, but shouldn't have access to your online bank account. We have an app for that!

Tap to Pay on iPhone by Autobooks is a standalone app that your employees can use to take payments for your business. To read about our app, check out our article here.

To set sub-user access to the Tap to Pay on iPhone app:

  1. Log in to online banking. Click on either the Send an Invoice or Payment Link button.
  2. If you are logging in from your mobile phone, click the menu option in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Administrator Profiles tab at the top of the screen. 
  4. Click the Invite administrator button.
  5. Complete the required fields to set up your new user, then click Save.