Understanding payment processing through Autobooks

Getting paid through Autobooks payment tools is straightforward and easy to understand.

Once you are approved to process your customer payments through Autobooks payment tools such as Invoicing or Payment Link, you may wonder what the payment processing experience looks like.


Here's how it works:

  1. Once your customer completes a payment to you, you'll see your payment dollars deposited to your bank account (the one connected to Autobooks) within a couple of business days.*
  2. The deposit amount to your bank account will be for the full customer payment. For example, your customer pays you $100 via credit card for an invoice you sent to them through Autobooks. You'll see a $100 deposit in your bank account as payment for that invoice.
  3. That same business day, you'll see a debit from the same bank account by Autobooks for the processing fees assessed for that day's payments. Autobooks will debit once for total daily card processing fees, and once for total daily ACH processing fees for any day your receive a payment using that method (the maximum fee debit transactions in a day would be two transactions total). Using our example above, if you only received that one $100 payment via credit card you'll see one debit for Autobooks fees of $3.49.

Autobooks approaches payments and processing fees with separate transactions so you can more easily understand what you've earned versus what you've paid in fees.  This makes keeping track of expenses easier.


*If any payments are suspected as fraudulent or are disputed, deposits may take longer.