What is the transaction description for a Tap to Pay payment?

When taking customer payments using Tap to Pay on iPhone, your customer may wonder how the charge for the payment will appear on their card statement or bank account (if using a debit card).


Customer statement descriptions

Transaction descriptions may vary slightly, depending on your financial institution. In general, payment descriptions will follow one of these two rules:

  1. AUTOBKS* (Your business name)
  2. AB* (Your business name)

For example, if Kim's Lawncare used Tap to Pay to take a payment for services the description on her customer's statement may read "AUTOBKS*Kims Lawncare" or "AB*Kims Lawncare".


Payment Deposit descriptions

Tap to Pay payment deposits to your bank account will show a description that begins with "AUTOBKS" or "AUTOBOOKS".