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Is a QR code right for your business?

As an Autobooks user, you've always had access to your own Payment Link via the 'Accept a Payment' feature found inside online and mobile banking as a way to collect customer payments with your payment form.

We know that many small business owners and non-profits prefer the convenience of a QR Code, especially when it comes to collect money face-to-face. Now, you have the ability to download a QR code that is unique to you, and easily share it with paying customers or donors as a new way to collect money with your payment form.

The process for collecting payments through a QR code may be straightforward, but the possibilities in how you can share your QR code are many. Here are four ways to do just that:

1) Include your Autobooks QR code on your website or on a social media profile


Because your QR code is available as a convenient PNG image, it can be easily embedded into a wide range of web pages. For example, you could embed your QR code into your website, social media profile, or any social media post. 

To pay, a customer just needs to scan your QR code with a mobile device and their preferred QR code reader app (it can even be their camera app). Their device will promptly display your Autobooks payment form, where they can complete with any major card or through an ACH bank transfer. 

2) Share your Autobooks QR code directly from your mobile phone or tablet screen


When you’re on the move, a QR code can save you valuable time. To access your QR code, just log into mobile banking or download the free Autobooks app. Once it displays on screen, hold it out for the customer to scan. 

If logging into an app is inconvenient, you can just save a screen capture of your QR code. Store it in your device’s photo album for easy retrieval. Once you get it on screen, hold it out for the customer to scan. 

3) Print your Autobooks QR code and display it prominently at your storefront or event


QR codes are ideal for in-person events where you plan to meet with multiple customers or donors — some examples are fundraisers, community gatherings, and farmers’ markets. Simply download your QR code and print from your computer. Then be sure to display your QR code prominently. When customers ask to pay, you can point to your QR code. 

Don’t forget, you can also add your QR code to professionally printed materials, such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and more. 

4) Add your Autobooks QR code to invoices and other customer communications


If you send non-Autobooks invoices and other billing communications to customers, don’t forget to include your QR code. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a paper or email invoice (it just needs to be scannable). Simply copy and paste your QR code into your document, and let customers know that they can pay you by scanning the code. 

If you choose to send an invoice through Autobooks, customers can simply pay by clicking the link online — no QR code necessary. However, if a customer chooses to print your Autobooks invoice, they will see a QR code included at the bottom for added convenience. They can opt to scan and pay on the spot, instead of having to send you a check by mail. 

Not sure how to access your Autobooks QR code? Visit our knowledge article.