Reasons Autobooks may deny a merchant the ability to accept digital payments

During the account setup process, you will provide information to Autobooks about your business. Autobooks uses that data to approve you as a merchant that can accept digital payments using our payment processing tools. 

The majority of businesses will be approved to process payments within seconds, however some customer assessments require Autobooks to manually review the business details. Autobooks will notify you via email whether you are approved or denied the ability to process payments digitally once our assessment is complete.

Note: While Autobooks is conducting our assessment, you may use all other features of Autobooks with exception of taking a payment.

Reasons Autobooks may deny a merchant to accept digital payments

Autobooks weighs several criteria when approving a merchant for digital payments. Autobooks does  consider certain factors including:

  • Business type: certain types of businesses are prohibited from accepting digital payments using our tools. Examples of prohibited types are:
    • Non-federally regulated industries (ex: cannabis operations, firearms sellers)
    • Consumer online lending
    • Any Merchant selling goods or services that represent a violation of any law, statute or regulation

    • Age Restricted Products or Services (ex: adult products)

    • Any Merchant operating outside the United States or Canada, as applicable

  • Negative business reputation: Autobooks considers ratings with the Better Business Bureau and other sources to determine if a business reputation would indicate risk.
  • Suspected or Confirmed Fraud
  • Certain criminal and financial history for business owners