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Why must I submit more information about my payment transaction to Autobooks?

Autobooks periodically monitors payment transactions in order to protect our business owners (and ourselves!) from becoming a victim of a fraud or scam.

On occasion, we may flag a transaction for further investigation. Autobooks may reach out to you via email to clarify details about a transaction or about your customer. During this time, your payment transaction will be held by Autobooks until our investigation is complete.

Once information is received, our Merchant Services team works quickly to complete our investigation. You will be notified of our findings and the resulting action taken by Autobooks via email. If you have questions regarding those results, feel free to reach out to the Autobooks Customer Care team.

If you prefer not to provide the information requested by Autobooks, you can refund the transaction and process the payment using a different method outside of Autobooks.

For assistance in processing a refund for an invoice, check out our help article here.

For assistance in processing a refund for a payment collected through your payment link, check out the help article here.