I just signed up for Autobooks, when can I start getting paid

Once you've accepted our terms of service you'll be able to interact with the Autobooks tools, however you will not be able to start accepting payments quite yet. You'll need to complete our application to be approved to take payments using Autobooks.

How to apply to accept digital payments

Here's how to apply to accept your customer payments using Autobooks (this process typically takes 1 to 3 business days from the time your account is created until your business is fully enabled to accept digital payments):

  1. Accept our terms and conditions.
  2. Click Activate Payments to start the application process.
  3. Answer the questions presented about you and your business.
  4. Once all questions are answered, our onboarding team reviews your information in order to approve your business for accepting payments digitally.
    • The team may need to validate some of this information before we can finish the approval process. Please be on the lookout for an email, a phone call or voicemail from a member of our Customer Success team to review the information you provided.

  5. Once your application has been approved, you can expect two separate emails from Autobooks:
    • The first email will let you know that your ability to collect bank transfer payments (ACH) has been successfully enabled.
    • The second email will let you know that your ability to collect card-based payments (credit and debit cards) has been enabled.