Send a receipt with Tap to Pay iPhone

Due to privacy reasons, not all information is stored when accepting payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone. While it is not required, Autobooks suggests you send a receipt to your customer in order to best assist in tracking payments.

Note: The Tap to Pay on iPhone feature is not available to all Autobooks users. If Tap to Pay is not present in your mobile experience, contact your financial institution to inquire about Tap to Pay.

In order to send a receipt, a payment must be charged and completed first. To learn how to collect a payment using Tap to Pay with iPhone, head to Using Tap to Pay on iPhone and follow the steps shown.

Once a payment has been made, information regarding the processed payment appears. The information for the payment below displays the following:

  • Payment Amount
  • Card Type / Encrypted Card Number
    (Note: If an encrypted card number is displayed, it will NOT the customer's actual card number)
  • Payment date information
  • Email address (if a receipt was sent)

In order to send a receipt to your customer, enter a valid email address for the paying customer then click Send a Receipt. 

send receipt 1     send receipt 2    send receipt 3     send receipt 4

If a transaction was completed without sending a receipt, click here to learn 'How to send a receipt after a transaction is completed when using Tap to Pay on iPhone'